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M3 Blast

Tap on this convenient and affordable marketing strategy to expand your business, delivering messages straight to the hands of your targeted clients and business partners' mobile handset. No software installation is required and messages can be personalized and sent in multi-languages. Mobilize your business today!

What can you do with SMS messaging?

Sending Reminder
Membership Info & Interaction
Sending Notification
Event Shout-out & Reservation


  • 99% of the SMS are read by the recipients, as they need to read before they can delete.
  • 94% of the SMS are opened within 3 minutes.
  • SMS is one of the most reliable communication channels in the world.
  • One of the reasons SMS is so effective is due to the widespread accessibility of mobile phones.
  • SMS is an inexpensive method of communication.


Start sending bulk SMS to grow your sales value at ease.

  • Compose your SMS using our composition panel that count your characters as you type.
  • Schedule SMS to be sent anytime. Our SMS engine will send it for you when the time comes.
  • You can upload different contacts and save them in groups so that you can send SMS in any group at any time.
  • Direct connection to all telcos in Malaysia.

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