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Automated SMS

Automated SMS

Communications Platform Provider

Discover the Power of Mobile Engagement. Trusted by over 200 leading enterprises for customer interaction and real time engagement

Short Message Service (SMS)

Basic, but Powerful

  • An inexpensive method of communication, and yet is one of the most reliable telecommunication channels in the world. Its effectiveness is due to the widespread accessibility of mobile phones. 99% of SMS are read by the recipients, with 94% being opened within 3 minutes!
  • We provide SMS sending for deeper customer relationships, including instant info, One Time PINs (OTP), Transaction Authorisation Codes (TAC), reservations, or verifications.
  • May also be used for marketing campaigns, including promotions, advertisements, announcements, membership info, reminders, notifications, and more. Our powerful analytic tools gives you real-time and detailed overview of your SMS traffic so you can track, trace and optimise messaging flows.

Integrated Messaging Platform (IMP)

Effective Customer Interaction for Business

  • Our Interactive Messaging Platform (IMP) allows you to schedule, send, and receive text messages from your existing systems. We provide one-way or two-way SMS services that allows you to send and receive SMS from a dedicated number, by using complete solutions or application programming interfaces (APIs). Our two-way SMS interaction services can be easily integrated into your existing Apps & Software.

Virtual Mail

Send SMS via Email Using Your Own Mail Program

  • Virtual Mail is an email to SMS service that converts standard emails into text messages. By using your own email client, turning email into SMS is as easy as sending email. You can use any email software to send SMS messages from your own email account. Once your email account is optimised, you will be able to send text messages directly to your recipient list with a simple click. No further technical skills needed.

SMS Contest & SMS Voting

Design A Successful Text-To-Win Promotion

  • Competitions are a great way to build your SMS opt-in list. SMS messaging has an unbeatable advantage: it’s hard to fool. Because each entry must come from a mobile number, you know exactly where each one originated. You get all the benefits of an engaged audience, while your customers get the chance to win great prizes, discounts, invitations to special events, or early access to new products.

Products / Warranty Registration

Adds Significant Value to Your Customer

  • SMS product registration is an easy and efficient way to build brand loyalty and deepen customer relationships. Registration of new products by customers can help manufacturers communicate important information regarding product updates or recommendations, activate warranties, track usage and maintenance issues, and aid notifications concerning safety warnings or product recalls.

Our Partners & Clientele

Leading the space since 1999 : Since incorporation in 1999, we have spread our wings in Asia and now have offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Pakistan. As a leading mobile content provider, we cover a wide range of consumer, enterprise and partnership products and services, and making inroads to being the leader in the industry, regionally.

Our current business encompasses a wide range of mobile solutions and platforms catering all channels of business i.e. B2C, B2B and B2O. Delivering approximately two billion messages per month, we are one of the world leaders in the global delivery and settlement of mobile messaging and data services. With connections to more than 175 mobile operators around the world, we are at the forefront of mobile interoperability messaging and the distribution of premium and value-added services. M3Tech's unmatched mobile VAS experience has helped more than 200 global brands, including some of the leading Fortune 500 businesses to reach out to their customers faster and cost-effective in more exciting ways, without compromising on security and quality.