M3 Mobile Gateway provides highly robust and reliable infrastructure for companies to integrate to all mobile network operators in Malaysia for mobile reverse billing. Our customized Bulk SMS and CPA reverse billing platform supports premium billing through SMS, MMS and WAP.

In a nutshell, with expertise of 13 years in Mobile gateway, our services Services enables you to efficiently and economically communicate with your target audience regardless of location or geographical boundaries. It routes 2-way messages with mobile operators worldwide through our etracker network, allowing any company or organization to leverage on the power of mobile messaging to get their messages across.

All of this is made possible with our ultimate goal in providing customize solution technology, a platform from which to deploy mission critical messaging solutions.

Key Usages:
M3 Mobile Gateway Services is an easy-to-use, scalable and comprehensive solution of various modules to meet and innovate your mobile messaging needs.

Allowing large quantity of SMS(s) broadcast to a specific set of recipients at a targeted time period. The system designed for:

  • Pre-scheduled broadcast.
  • Customization of messages.
  • Targeted message to particular market consumers.

This versatile attribute enables a person to carry out mobile projects anywhere from a hand phone. With Web to Mobile function, now you could have all the access on your mobile device, thus preventing too much of reliance on the internet for broadcasting messages or even the hassle of opening a laptop or desktop to do so. It can be done from your palm / hand.

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A fully developed database appliance that enables you to establish, handle and organize clients database profiles via mobile CRM operation. The system improves database management for smooth updates on contacts and also historical frequent activities. CRM system conveys the idea of building a positive customer association at minor operational cost. You can also attract customers with customized messages such as holiday greetings or urgent reminders.

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