8 April 2003, The Malay Mail

MESDAQ-listed AKN Messaging Technologies Bhd (AKN MTECH) has embarked on the development of services to cater to the next "generation" multimedia messaging service and general packet radio service services, the company's general manager, Lester Neil Francis said.

"We recognise that it will take time and proper "education" before such new tehnology services gain popularity, but our team of programmers are already actively creating and building content that will jazz up the wireless arean," Francis told Malay Money.

AKN MTECH views itself as being the premier firm in the local short messaging services (SMS) industry.

This is why the company feels that need to work towards maintaining the reputation of being the first to deliver innovative services for the local and regional markets.

At present, AKN MTECH operates over 35 different applications and services, ranging from corporate-based applications to real-time soccer goal alerts.

"We have also just signed a service agreement with Agence France-Press (AFP), which will premit the access to real-time international news content," Francis said.

He added that the new content will be delivered to local mobile subscribers soon via AKN MTECH SMS Gateway.

Under the terms of its agreement with AFP, AKN MTECH will be able to access real-time content from AFP which in turn will be offered to the company's various channel of subscribers.

For every "alert" or SMS update sent to the subscriber, a premium charge of 30 sen per SMS is levied. This charge is directly billed to the end-user's mobile phone bill.

AKN MTECH and AFP will share the revenue derived from this charge after the necessary mobile netowrk's apportionment is deducted.

As AKN MTECH will be responsible for the advertisement and promotion cost for the said service, a larger apportionment of which will be forwarded to us, Francis said, adding promotional efforts started this month.