07 Aug 2003, The Malay Mail

AKN Messaging Technologies Bhd (AKN MTECH) aims to increase sales of corporate-based applications, to generate 40 per cent of the company's revenue base, the company's general manager, Lester Neil Francis said.

"Corporate-based applications currently contribute about 15 per cent of our total revenue, but we are working towards increasing that significantly." Francis told Mail Money yesterday.

AKN MTECH currently operates over 50 different applications and services, ranging from corporate-based applications to real-time soccer goal alerts.

"We will continue to develop and enhance our corporate-based services to ensure that the 40 per cent target is met in the next 24 months," Francis said.

On how many mobile subscribers AKN MTECH expects to reach out to, Francis said the company is on track to give 50 million mobile subscribers access to its range of services and content by year-end.

At present, AKN MTECH has secured service agreements with various mobile operators giving it access to about 9.5 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia and 4 million mobile subscribers in Hong Kong.

The company has also just signed agreements with Singapore- and Thailand-based mobile operators, giving it access to an additional 23.5 million mobile subscribers.

"By year-end we expect to reach out to an additional 13 million mobile subscribers, 10 million of which wil be from the Indonesia's market," Francis said.

While AKN MTECH is exploring tie-ups with more mobile operators, its programmers have embarked on the development of services to cater to the next 'generation' multimedia messaging service and general packet radio services.

"We recognise that it will take time and proper 'education' before such new technology services gain popularity, but our programmers are already actively creating and building content that will jazz up the wireless arena," Francis said.