21 Jan 2008

M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad

M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad, formerly known as AKN Messaging Technologies Berhad, a regional mobile content and applications developer listed on the MESDAQ market, today officially unveiled their new logo which compliments the new company name which was announced on December 6th last year.

The new company icon, predominantly in 2 shades of orange, represents an enthusiastic team - vibrant, expansive, hip, technology driven and creative.

The bold font represents our boldness and passion to be a dominant and solid player in our chosen industry.

The angular approach to M3 is our desire to strive to look at things from a different angle over convention, to acquire a fresh approach to our mobile products and solutions.

The new company name, M3 Technologies, was introduced to cater to the group's current business which has evolved from mere messaging services in 1999 to now, encompassing a wider range of mobile solutions and platforms - Multimedia products, WAP and J2ME applications catering to all channels of its business (i.e. B2C, B2B and B2O) regionally.

From Malaysia, we have now grown to 7 countries - Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Hong Kong and China, with technology partnership in Bangladesh and Canada. Going forwards, M3Tech is geared to further expand into other countires within the region whilst improving performances from our current operations.

Locally, M3 Technologies has been involved in providing interactive mobile solutions for many credible corporations including banks, securities firms, insurance companies, education centres and media houses.

Its regional subsidiaries have now also reached a mature level in their respective industries and reaping the fruits since incorporation - completing the initial gestation period. Each subsidiary is now at the forefront in their individual industry, ensuring the products offered compliments the technology trends and consumer demands to further strengthen our current footprint.

For more information:
M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad
Lester Neil Francis, Group Chief Operations Officer (lester@m3tech.com.my)

About M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad
M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad ("M3Tech") (formerly known as AKN Messaging Technologies Berhad) is the first mobile content and applications developer to be listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange MESDAQ market (stockcode: M3Tech) in 2003. The company was incorporated in May 1999 and now has offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Pakistan. M3Tech is a leading mobile content provider in Malaysia, which provides a wide range of consumer, enterprise and partnership products and services, and is making inroads to being the leader in this industry, regionally.