19 Jun 2008, Adoi Magazine

KUALA LUMPUR: AMP has teamed up with M3Tech to offer wider selection of interactive features to the radio stations under its network. Now listeners can vote for their favourite song, chat with their favourite DJ, win prizes and even locate the station vehicles.

In June 2007, Airtime Management & Programming Sdn Bhd (AMP) initiated a plan to further develop its multi-level mobile platform for the eight stations; ERA, MY FM, hitz.fm, MIX fm, LiteFM, SINAR, Xfresh and THR (Raaga and Gegar). The inception saw M3 Technologies (Asia) Bhd (M3Tech), formerly known as AKN Messaging Technologies Berhad, teaming up with AMP to operate, develop and maintain all mobile interactive services and download-related activities. Future plans to create more enhanced products, using Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) are in the pipeline.

Currently, the new mobile contest campaigns developed by M3Tech, which include "Hide & Seek" and "Dine with DJ" campaigns has improved the interactivity levels between announcers and listeners.

Other new services to look out for in the near future include the dedicated WAP stations, DJ Mobile Blog & VIP Mobile Blog, and a Java Menu Application.

"Today listeners are more sophisticated and technologically inclined, hence functionality and up-time services are key to meet their needs and demands. The rapid advancement of mobile technologies requires professional and expert management. M3Tech understands our vision and offers exactly what our listeners need", according to AMPs Executive Director, Dato' Borhannudin Osman.

"We value this partnership with AMP as it provided us the opportunity to work with the leading radio networks in Malaysia. The services we provide in return give us valuable information on user trends from the various market segments. Considering AMP operates popular stations across all racial segments, such information will continuously help improve and enhance the offerings to cater to the listeners' mobile demands", adds Lester Neil Francis, M3Tech's Group COO.