October 2008 , Hardware Magazine
Partners Garmin International to launch Scout, an innovative solution for mobile navigation and tracking.

Mr. Lester Neil Francis, Group COO of M3Tech Asia
& Mr. Ong Chang Seng, MD, AECO Technologies, distributor of Garmin International in Malaysia
M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad, formerly known as AKN Messaging Technologies Berhad, has officially launched a range of Mobile GPS (Global Positioning System) related services under the product brand name 'Scout'. Encapsulated via the company's partnership with Garmin International, Scout provides M3Tech with the necessary tools needed to compliment its Mobile GPS applications.

Scout is chosen by M3Tech for this new offering outside of its conventional B2B, B2O and B2C services, and is aimed to empower mobile subscribers with additional, innovative options for navigation and tracking by simply using their mobile device.

"The name, defines the product to a tee", said M3Tech's Group COO, Mr. Lester Neil Francis. "It encompasses search, to seek people and places; a guide to assist and direct those who are "lost"; to monitor and supervise those under one's care; as well as a product which gathers and updates information," he enthused.

Scout offers a range of products, each with its own unique applications and features to cater to specific needs. Among its features are Scout WAI - a mobile application which assists the user in keeping track of his/her routes and locations, which can be synchronized with the designated, personalized website; POI manager allowing a user to create his or her own POI, i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc. and share these points of interest with friends and other users. This application also permits the user to backup his/her POIs onto a central server and is able to synchronize his/her library with his/her designated, personalized website and also Scout Enterprise, an ideal platform for logistics based companies wishing to track field personnel and vehicles. It also includes a task manager which provides business functions such as calendar, task list, reminders and alerts. This corporate mobile application can be also be synchronized with a designated, personalized website.