Easy 3-D navigation - 11 July Issue, New Straits Times
Product: Papago R6600
Manufacturer: Maction Technologies
Enquiries: M3 Asia Sdn Bhd (m3asia.com)
Price: RM949


  • Dimensions: 3mm by 88mm by 17.5mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Processor: SiRF Atlas IV 500MHz
  • Memory: 2GB moviNAND/128MB SDRAM
  • Display: Five-inch touch-screen (480 by 272 pixels)
  • Battery: 1300mAH; two hours for GPS navigation (50 per cent backlight)
  • Features: Papago! X6 navigation software, multi-language support, voice activation, Bluetooth, multimedia player

Our verdict: ****
Physical design: **
Documentation: ***
User-friendliness: ***
Performance: ***

Its sharp touch-screen and 3-D landmark feature are the standouts. NOOR KHAN takes the Papago R6600 navigation device for a drive THE Papago R6600 portable navigation device has a touch-screen that shows high-quality images in easily distinguishable colours, even under bright lighting conditions. The controls on this five-inch, 480-by-272-pixel display work fine, but its commands need to be repeated before they are launched. Perhaps it’s because the device is not firmly placed on a flat surface.

The directional instructions are clear from the Papago speaker or over the car’s stereo system.

You can choose either English, Malay, Indonesian, Cantonese or Mandarin. There’s even male or female voice for some languages. The battery is said to last up to two hours under regular navigation, but it depends on screen brightness.

A charger is provided to make sure the device lasts throughout journey.

If you don’t want messy cables around your dashboard, you can charge the device from your computer’s USB port (cables not provided) when not in use.

The device uses Papago! X6 navigation software together with the pre-loaded maps from Malfreemaps.com.

The navigational display and instructions are quite comprehensive.

The 3-D landmark feature offers a vivid view of the major landmarks and buildings while Junction View of the major exits and ramps makes it easy for you to anticipate upcoming exits and routes.

The car speed is continuously tracked. A speed limit warning will be activated if you go over the limit.

On initial startup, the device takes two to three minutes to lock onto the GPS signal. Use the display menu to select your destination.

You can pre-programme the home or office destination besides other points of interest such as nearby restaurants, petrol stations and banks.

Frequently visited destinations can be saved as Favourites, too. Once you have selected a destination, press Go to initiate the routing calculations.

I tested the device on Klang Valley roads and it produced acceptable results, although I would have taken alternate routes to some destinations.

The device will automatically recalculate the route if it senses that the instructed path is not followed. There was some confusion when the device kept saying "P" for Precinct as Page while I was driving around Putrajaya.

The device has Bluetooth for you to pair with a mobile phone for hands-free operation.

It also has a slot that accepts Secure Digital, SD High Capacity and MultiMedia Card memory cards.

With its multimedia player, you can play music and view photos on it. The device also allows customisation of photos to location points.

The Papago comes complete with a car charger/cable, windscreen device holder and an instructional CD.

What’s missing, though, is a carrying case since most of us would rather not leave our electronic devices in the car. Its a bit pricey but the features should make up for that.

Overall, the Papago R6600 is a handy tool to make driving less stressful.